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For UK financial advisers use only. This information has not been approved for use with customers. If you are a customer, please go to

Customer service

Delivering quality customer service is about having:

  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Digital proficiency (website, eCommerce and CMS).
  3. Great product knowledge.
  4. Sales know-how – so you can suggest additional items.
  5. Calm composure  – for when things go wrong.
  6. An ambassadorial nature – especially when you are the first point of contact.
  7. Flexibility  – the ability to juggle all of the above.

Use social media analysis and/or a customer satisfaction survey to find out how satisfied your customers are with your customer service.

Create a blue-print for your business

  1. Here's why a high quality customer service is so important.
  2. Have you any customer service improvement quick wins? Think big but start small. Fix the rotten things first.
  3. Do you start by focusing on the needs of your most profitable customers first?
  4. Follow these 12 rules to deliver the highest quality of service.
  5. Develop your ideal blueprint
  6. Measure and monitor performance.

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