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What are keywords and key phrases.

When you look for something in a search engine, you describe it in words and type them into a search engine, such as Google. The search engine matches those words with the words on various websites that are included in its index. And then it gives you the most relevant results (websites that best match the words you typed).

In search marketing, these words are called keywords.

What is a keyword?

Strictly speaking, a keyword means one single word. When the first search engines were launched, they had relatively simple algorithms and many users used single words for their searches. But search engines are constantly evolving and now they support large key phrases with two or more keywords.

What is a keyphrase (or key phrase)

A keyword phrase means a set of separate words that build a phrase (so it’s a multi-word search term). 

Strong, optimized written copy is the most critical part of any SEO initiative. But before the first sentence, tagline, or headline is written you must identifying the keywords and key phrases that your target audience is most likely to use when searching for your website.

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