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Grab and hold their attention

The first thing they read must be a compelling and targeted headline that gives prospects a reason to take the first step in the selling cycle.

Here's a great example.

Test if an offer or incentive is needed to get them to do what you want them to do.

Encourage them to leave you with their contact details/an email address. Test these marketing tools.

Three examples of how Aviva does this:

In the home page above, Aviva offer a powerful combination of a guarantee (in the headline), with a supporting £15 free offer voucher, followed immediately by the call to action.

Here Aviva offers prospects a discount in the headline, plus an additional discount for applying now (online) followed by a clear call to action.

Here Aviva offers the prospect a free offer, plus a further 20% discount, followed by the eyecatching call to action ('get a quote').

Check that your main message gets priority

If the main message (amongst the jumble) on this website is the fact that there are weekend courses at £899, then the objective has been achieved.