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Make your content more visual

"Every picture tells a story"

When we think of content, we often think of a compilation of words that tell a story relevant to our buyer and connect to our brand. The problem is that our prospects have less time to read these words, even when they tell a well-crafted story that can be useful in their jobs.

The answer is visual content marketing, and it should be a key piece of your strategy. Visual content marketing is the utilization of images to engage your prospects through the buying cycle.

Your toolkit includes:

Images define brands and companies, whether they’re viewed on social networks, websites, mobile devices, emails, ads, or in your content marketing.

Over 758 million photographs are shared on social media every single day.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.  The more inundated with text your audience becomes, the more visual content attracts them and stands out.

Some guidance:

  1. Consider your target persona

    How do they respond to visual content?
    Design that feels fresh and fun to one persona may seem childish or condescending to another.

  2. How visual is the ‘norm’ in your industry?

    Visuals are a great way to stand out, but it takes less to stand out in some industries than others.

  3. Do your brand guidelines have a visual style?

    Have you developed a distinctive visual style that makes your brand instantly recognizable by your audience?

"A picture is worth a thousand words"