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Email marketing - a checklist

When you’re sending an email, there are a lot of little details to remember - and those details can make or break the success of your email campaign.

Email mistakes are difficult to correct and can be costly or damaging to your reputation, so please run through this list before you press 'send'.

  1. Check that the ‘subject’ line is doing its job

  2. Use a ‘from’ field that helps to ensure that the email is opened

  3. Perform a mobile-friendly check

    Your readers need to be able to read and act on your email from their phones and tablets.

    • Keep your design to a single-column format, between 320 and 550 pixels wide.
    • Make sure images are sized correctly and rendering accurately.
    • Make all links (and particularly your most important call-to-action link) large and easily tappable.
    • Spread out links to make each individual one easy for readers to tap.
    • Set the body text of your email to at least 14-point font.
  4. Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.

  5. Read it out loud to check that it’s easy to read.

  6. Use design elements like spacing and dividing lines to distinguish section from one another.

  7. Use bold typeface and subheads to make key words/ideas stand out (but don’t overdo the use of bold).

  8. Avoid using underlines unless they're your links.

  9. Use bullet points to showcase benefits.

  10. Use a websafe standard font.

  11. Put your call to action in at least two places

  12. Personalise where appropriate

  13. Include an unsubscribe link

  14. Included your social media links

  15. Check that you are avoiding spam words.

  16. Don’t forget to proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes.

  17. Confirm that all images complement your text and are rendering correctly.

  18. Verify that all links work correctly and lead to the right sites.

  19. Double-check that the email design looks good on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

  20. Ensure that any preview text that may appear in an email client or mobile app (usually the first 100 characters) is compelling and will make your readers want to open your message.