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Add more action points – generate more sales

How many ‘call to action’ (CTA) links should you have on your home page? If you look at the website of any of the big financial services companies you’ll typically find at least ten. This is because the more opportunities there are for visitors to take action, the more likely they are to do so and therefore the more sales will result.

After the headline, your CTAs are the most important business-building tools on your website - but however crucial they are to your success, they won’t deliver your sales targets unless all the other important elements of your homepage are in place. Use AIDA on your homepage to do a quick audit:



  • Are there intriguing, eye-catching links for the visitor to click to find out more?


  • Does your homepage promote the depth and breadth of your experience and expertise? People like to buy from experts.
  • How are you using testimonials to reassure visitors and encourage them to contact you?


‘Always Be Closing’ is the ABC mantra of Sales. On your website your CTAs act as your 24 hour sales team, so the more you have working for you the better.