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5 creative ways to thank your clients

Saying these two words could be the most profitable thing you do all year:

Why? According to 'The Pareto Principle' roughly 80% of your future revenue comes from just 20% of your existing clients; so it's critical to your business that you keep them happy, and saying thank you is a powerful way to do just that.

Below are some 'thank you' suggestions that might work for you:

  1. Recommend their businesses on your website

    For your clients who are business owners there's no better way to say thanks than by helping them to generate more sales. You might do this by promoting them on your website.

    If you're a broker with a local focus, then consider actively recruiting the best businesses in the area as clients; seek out the best accountants, the best garden centres, the best mobile hairdressers, etc. Get quality recommendations and endorsements to publish on your website.

  2. Handwritten cards

    This is the classic way to say thank you. It may be old school but it's amazing how much this simple gesture will surprise and delight your clients. Handwritten 'thank you' referral cards are especially good at getting advocate clients to continue to promote your business.

  3. Send them a picture of your team saying Thanks!

    This could be used maybe as a festive e-card or printed to use as a hand written referral thank you card.

    Be creative by producing a thank you gif, or photograph your team holding a blank card and then use Photoshop to personalise the message to each client.

  4. Give them a recommendation on LinkedIn

    This will work best for commercial clients with whom you have a good relationship. Simply go to their LinkedIn profile page and write a positive recommendation about their professional strengths. This will naturally encourage them to reciprocate.

  5. Buy your clients a coffee

    Taking a client out for coffee is a great way to build rapport and talk to them in a relaxed setting. If you're unable to meet up you can always send them a small value gift card from a coffee shop*. Include a personalised note, for example, "This is just a token of our gratitude for allowing us to look after your insurance needs this year. Best wishes from everyone at Oswold Financial Advisers."

*Please ensure any gift or hospitality adheres to limits set out in the Anti Bribery Corruption Laws